We are a team of 5 experienced printers who combined have over 25 years worth of knowledge about different forms of print. Together we have decided to use that experience to create a clothing company, with the facilities in house to carryout a variety of ways to print, our most popular being DTG (Direct To Garment). Our print company is known as Signal UK Ltd, in case you also wanted to check us out as a print company.


Zoom Clothing Company was created in 2016, when the name was established we began to discuss our big plans for Zoom which begins right here with our online store. Firstly, the name Zoom was chosen because it has no initial meaning behind it, we like the thought that it doesn't already belong to something else. From this point on, items of clothing began to be selected and trialled to find the right quality and to ensure a long lasting product before then being added to the store. We do not manufacture our clothing line, however we always trial and test the wear of every item added to this site. This is still the process we take to ensure all items are at a great quality, we only want the best. 

We are always looking at ways of improving our site and your shopping experience, if you have any wonderful ideas do not hesitate to get in touch and share them with our team.


Thank you for shopping with us and joining us on our journey, please tell a friend!